What is a Broken Tooth?

Some persons may not realize they have a broken tooth until they eat or bite down on something, and oh, the pain!

A broken tooth is a tooth that is damaged due to the effects of grinding, drinking beverages such as soda or just plain dental neglect by not brushing and flossing regularly or it could be something in which the person bit down on too hard that can result in a broken tooth as well. A broken tooth can either be chipped, cracked or even split in two, yet still hanging at the root, which can be irritating and particularly excruciating when a person eats, as mentioned earlier.

In such cases, these particular dental malformities needs serious dental attention by a licensed Cosmetic dentistry. They will initially give the prospective dental patient an oral review by examining their teeth carefully and looking for evidences of a broken tooth.

Your dental practitioner may strongly suggest that you replace your cracked tooth with a porcelain veneer, a tiny tooth-like prosthetic that can replace your actual tooth, which is now seriously deformed and decayed. Or he-or she may recommend that you get a certain type of dental surgery to replace or reinforce your broken tooth.

There are various ways this can be done. Some ways are by recommending composite bonding, or dental bonding, which involves replacing dental cavities, metal fillings, crowns, or by repairing broken or chipped teeth.

The replacement of decayed teeth with veneers, metal fillings or crowns can be an intensive surgical procedure. It can initially be an arduous as well as a very scary process for some, especially if they’re afraid of drills. Even with novocaine shots, which significantly eases the pain, there may still some slight pain, such as a slight sharp pain, resembling a pinching sensation. Or others fear just the sound of the drill or the feeling of it on their broken tooth. But not to worry; it’ll be over so fast; you’ll hardly realized it even happened.

Of course, you’ll feel a little numb in the mouth for a few hours or may a couple of days or so, which is true with most operations, but you’ll feel like a different person now that broken tooth has been replaced or repaired.

Before long, you’ll be able to comfortably eat food again, smile and enjoy your life as you never did before.

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