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Dental insurance is much more common in America than it is in the UK; however, an increasing number of UK residents are taking out health and dental care insurance policies.

Which policies are available?

The insurance industry is increasingly competitive, with a huge number of providers vying for consumers’ attention; consequently, the number of policies out there is enormous. There are policies that cover NHS care and private dental care and some that cover a combination of the two. Many people now have health and dental insurance as part of their employee benefits but you should check the details of these policies with your employer or the insurance provider before you go ahead and have treatment.

How do I choose a policy?

With so many competitors it can be difficult to choose a policy; however, online comparison sites can be a useful tool as they show you what you get for your money with each individual company; if you are prone to injuries or you have had lots of problems with your dental health in the past, it is best to go for a comprehensive policy that covers just about everything. You may also find it useful to discuss policies with your dentist as they may be able to recommend certain companies.

What are the benefits of having dental insurance?

Everyone’s feeling the pinch at the moment and an unexpected injury or illness could prove costly; dental insurance enables people to spread the cost of dental care by paying a small monthly or annual payment that covers any treatment they may need. Some plans may not cover all treatments so it is important to check the details of your policy carefully before you have treatment. Some plans offer the option of including other members of the family on the same policy; this is well worth considering if you have children and a partner as it often works out much cheaper than paying for everyone separately. Having insurance often means you can have treatment quickly, without having to join a waiting list. Private insurance enables you to see specialists quickly and the facilities are usually more modern and private. There are several dentists in essex that work alongside major insurance providers; consult your dentist if you have any questions about insurance.

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