Dental appointment means fun?

A visit to the dentists’ is not everyone’s idea of fun, many children in particular are scared of dental procedures not because of any bad experience of their own but due to stereotypes and opinions maintained through popular culture.  Being afraid of the dentist is one of those things we see as being commonplace even though in the modern day it shouldn’t be the case; such patients would find glee in seeing a dental practice for sale note on their dentist’s door rather than go for dreaded treatment.

Nottingham dentists have to become experts in child psychology nowadays to get some children to sit in the chair while they work.  Whether a routine check up or the dentist may have to comfort the child, explain what’s going on to them, or even resort to bribery in order to obtain their cooperation.


This is an aspect of dental jobs which most people would never think of, but something dentists have to face on a daily basis.  Some have even begun to worry that in today’s society it is possible people might try to sue them for mentally distressing their child if they should become upset.


Now of course, sensible people might contend that in fact parents should just be talking to their children properly to ensure that they know what is going to happen at the dentist’s and that there is nothing to be worried about, but asking people to change how they raise their children is sometimes like asking the sea not to be wet, so for now dentists will have to keep their negotiating skills sharp.

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Male Pattern Baldness – Causes of Male Hair Loss

This is the medical term given to hair loss which runs in families, and is on the other side of the spectrum to excessive hair growth that may require laser hair removal. It is genetic in origin and tends to occur when a man reaches his late twenties although it can start earlier than that; male pattern baldness tends to be permanent.

Tattoos are unlikely to cause hair loss but can cause scarring, and so treatment like tattoo removal is unnecessary. Also, if you are at an age where hair loss is only just beginning due to ageing then you may also need to be concerned about infertility; this is why it is recommended that you have children when in your twenties or thereabouts.

The medical term for this condition is androgenetic alopecia and it is the most common form of hair loss in men. This type of hair loss follows a consistent pattern in that it starts with hair thinning or loss at the front (hairline) or temples and proceeds to the back of the head. It doesn’t result in a complete loss of hair on the top of the head: a bald patch will appear on the top of the scalp with any remaining hair adopting a ‘horseshoe pattern’ around the head. On average it takes around 15 to 20 years or so to go bald although some men go bald earlier than this.

Most men have some form of baldness by the time they reach their sixties.

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